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Easy to use:
This easy-to-use study bible offers you a simple interface to search by word(s) or passages in virtually any format. The words are keyed by Strong's numbers as well as having Italicised words highlighted. There are also two sets of Hebrew Greek lexicons.

Why KJV?:
We encourage use of the KJV (authorised version) because we believe in giving people the truth and allowing them to be guided by the Holy Spirit for interpretation and not having someone else's interpretation forced on them. (Imagine being given a 'study guide' to one of Shakespeare's plays and not being allowed to look at the original script).

I will be attempting to put together an index to allow you to 'page through' the bible soon - also to give you something like Danny's Daily Reading section.

Please tell others about phpBible.org so the internet can be deluged with God's Holy Word.

Faith Baptist Church

On-line Study Bible

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Danny Carlton, we are able to bring you this on-line study bible.

We hope that it will give you a simple and effective tool to use whilst you are away from your own bible.

We have used this bible extensively to show scriptural references where quoted on all our web sites. You can bring your web page to life with links by simply referencing this site in the following manner:
<a href="http://kjv.fbcuk.org/index.php?keyword=John+3:16">John 3:16</a>
will produce a text link like this: John 3:16 on your page.

You can use whatever search criteria you like to give the results required.

God Bless.

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